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Mental Health Providers

The member providers at Associates in Mental Health are committed to meeting your mental health needs. Our experienced mental health professionals have a wide variety of specialties and services to assist you.

Below is a list of our providers, their areas of expertise, and their contact information. If you have questions about any of our providers or their specialty areas, please feel free to call the administrative office or you can call the provider directly.

Please call the administrative office at 360-715-2488 for general referrals.

Children Adolescents Adults Couples Families Member Phone Areas of Special Interest
  X X X X Trevor Aerts, MA, LMHC, CDP (425) 954-7662 Anxiety and Depression, Anger/Aggression control, Substance Use/Addiction, Social and Romantic Relationships, Physical, Mental/Emotional, Sexual Trauma, Grief and Loss, Legal Involvement, Family Roles and Communication.
  X X X X Michelle Beller-Siegfried, MSW, LICSW 734-4477 Women's issues, relationship issues, life transitions, cross cultural issues, EMDR, Thought field therapy, relaxation, visualization. Positive psychology Focus "Watering The Seeds of Wellness" groups.
X X X X X Brittany Bruner, MA, LMFT, CMHS 325-9626 Anxiety, depression, trauma, child/adolescent issues, behavioral concerns, school problems, parenting struggles, family issues/transitions, life transitions, relationship/interpersonal difficulties, and challenges with connection/intimacy.
X X X   X Kenneth Chovil, LICSW, MSW 526-2995


Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Domestic Violence, Abuse, Parenting and Family Issues.
X X X   X Virgina Diaz, LICSW (206) 310-5485


Working with children and adolescents struggling with low self esteem, bullying, difficulties at school, disordered eating, as well as grief and loss. Empowering families to change patterns of communication and creating plans that help streamline their busy lives. Supporting families, adults and children going through the grief or separation process. Guiding and supporting adults struggling with life challenges, psychological concerns and substance use.
X X X X X Mark Dooley, MA, MES, LMHC, CMHS 303-0695


Relationship-based treatment emphasizing meaning and authenticity, Existential wisdom, Process Oriented approaches to discerning true expression within painful or difficult circumstances, Family Systems, therapeutic connections with nature as elucidated by the Ecopsychology movement.
  X X X   Jack Duffy, MA, LMHC 733-5818 Mood disorders, marital/couples work, posttraumatic stress disorder, and physical illness/trauma.
  X X X X Vermeda M. Fred, MFT (415) 518-4321 Anxiety, Depression, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders, Eating Disorders, Bereavement/Grief Issues, Adjustment Disorders, Adolescent Issues, Couples Issues, Parenting Issues, LBGTQ Issues.
    X X X Bridget Gordon, MSW, LICSW 647-2616 Mood disorders, anxiety, adult survivors of childhood abuse, dual diagnosis, and relationship issues.
Children Adolescents Adults Couples Families Member Phone Areas of Special Interest
  X X   X Beth Johnson, MEd, LMHC 647-5358 Mood disorders, life and family transitions, divorce, adolescent issues, relationship difficulties, grief and loss, trauma/ abuse recovery.
  X X X X Jupe Johnson, MA, LMHC 303-6294 Adult ADD & ADHD assessment and symptom management, ADD & ADHD support and coaching for goals, Emotional Intimacy and communication skills, Life Transitions, Young Adult guidance, Sexuality issues (sex positive), LGBT families
    X X   Tara McDonald, M.A., LMHC (360) 303-1414 Depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, inner criticism; substance abuse/addictive behaviors; PTSD and wounding from neglect or abuse; working with families with loved ones struggling with addiction; couples’ issues; highly sensitive persons; ADHD; body image and overeating; boundary work and relationship issues; career/work/life direction; spirituality; grief, sorrow, and loss
    X X   Lori Michelson, MSW, LICSW 303-5124 Self-esteem, relationships, depression, anxiety, life transitions, chronic physical illness-particularly diabetes, grief and loss, adult survivors of childhood abuse.
X X X   X Barbara Overson, MS, LMHC 312-3830 Anxiety, trauma, phobias, OCD; Mood disorders, family transitions, grief and loss, emotional intelligence, attentional/organizational difficulties, mind-body connection/health psychology.  Certified in biofeedback.
X X X   X Tara Platz, MEd, LMHC, CMHS 676-7342 Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Separation Anxiety, Phobias, OCD, Parent/Child Relationships, Child/Adolescent Issues, Oppositional Behavior, Peer Relationships, School Issues, Life Transitions, Grief and Loss
X X X   X Keith Poynter, MA, LMHC 410-1751 Depression, Anxiety, Substance use/abuse, Difficulty adjusting to life transitions related to divorce, adoption, loss of family member, and/or change of community, Oppositional Defiant Behavior, Poor peer and family relations, and Poor school/work performance.
X X X X X Nancy Quigg, MS, LMHC 671-9914 Trauma, depression, adjustment and relational issues. Cross-cultural specialist.
Children Adolescents Adults Couples Families Member Phone Areas of Special Interest
  X X X X Rakefet Richmond, PsyD 224-2431 Combat and sexual trauma, sexual identity issues, cross cultural/acculturation/immigration issues, prenatal and postnatal loss, psychological evaluation for bariatric surgery and border patrol.
x x x   x Colleen Semple, MEd, LMHC, CMHS 360-201-4217 Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, PTSD, Grief and Loss, Childhood/Adolescent Issues, Communication and Relationship Issues, Oppositional Behavior, School Problems, Parenting Support, Adoption Issues, Lifespan Integration.
    X X   John Siegfried, MSW, LICSW 734-4477 ADHD, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, communication, sexual dysfunction. EMDR.
Children Adolescents Adults Couples Families Member Phone Areas of Special Interest
  X X     Richard Spitzer, PhD 671-1966 Eating disorders, adolescent problems, ADHD, and Adult Identity/Men's issues.
  X X X X Heidi Suni, MSW,LICSW 734-5071 Solution-focused therapy, mood disorders, grief, relationship and family issues, abuse and trauma and TFT.
X   X X X Mark Tucker, MS, LMHC 594-7566 Mood disorders, including anxiety and depression; PTSD / Trauma and its impact; grief/loss; adjustment disorders; Communication /Interpersonal / Relationship issues; Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing loss.
  X X     Debra Young, MA, LMHC 319-8172 Anxiety, Trauma, Panic Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, Life Transition, Loss & Grief, Self Esteem, Performance anxiety/enhancement. EMDR Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Family Systems and Cognitive Behavioral approaches.
    X X   Rena Ziegler, MSW, LICSW 734-5071 Mood disorders, anxiety, couples/relationship issues, grief.
Contact information for providers previously affiliated with Associates in Mental Health.
Mark Shifflette, MSW (360) 715-2488
Dennis Dashiell, MSW:(360) 650-7765
Janis Ban, MSW: (360) 389-3016
Sharon Russell, PhD. (360) 734-1898
Michael Smith, MA (360) 647-0734
Lynette Wheeler, MA (360) 715-2488
Cinda Zemel, MSW (360) 715-2488
Joan Kimball, Ph.D. (360) 715-2488
Catherine Strong, Ph.D. (360) 715-2488
Christine Parks, MA, LMHC. (360) 715-2488
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